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    Article marketing as part of your marketing strategy? ZipZoo is the affordable product portal of the Netherlands.Article marketing allows you to get in touch and stay with your audience.

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    ZipZoo is your partner for online marketing . ZipZoo has many customers who use online marketing. Article marketing article ZipZoo makes its portal available to support any marketing strategy.

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ZipZoo Article Marketing

Article marketing, Content marketing, Digital Marketing and Augmented marketing as part of your internet marketing strategy? ZipZoo the article portal of the Netherlands to fulfill your marketing needs to go. You can on-line general, 'branded content' and 'augmented reality' post articles about your product, service, organization or event. You place articles on general domains in a relevant class or on your own niche domains. Within the items you can include pictures, videos and link referrals. All pages on the underside of the Social Media buttons. This facilitates the distribution of your publication by the visitors and readers of your target audience.

General domains

As a general domain, we can take for example "www.thearticleking.nl" Suppose you are a bicycle maker, then your article should be placed in the category bicycle. This category contains articles from other organizations with bike related articles. Would you like to post articles on a general domain, you can use the standard packages. After registration and payment, you can start immediately. You can post articles in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK.

Niche domains

For a bicycle would 'www.bicycles.com' may be a niche domain. If desired categories may also be made ​​to them. The creation of niche domains is customized that allows you to publish articles in the countries of your preference. Based on the desired number of domain names a competitive quote is taken. The price depends not only on the number of domains, but also whether you wish to make exclusive use of the domains. May set the price at other companies in your industry also use the open for you and appointed domains. This is the 'DA' and 'PA' your domains for good.


The quality of an article portal, you can determine only by working with it. The PR (page rank) of a domain is less interesting than the DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority). ZipZoo offers both domains with PR, but even more interesting is the DA and PA builds yourself by placing quality content. Especially if you wish to make a referral link to another web page, you will benefit most from the link power.


Are you interested in working with ZipZoo, please send an email with your contact details.
Within 8 hours we will contact you shortly.

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ZipZoo as article marketing portal can make a serious contribution to the achievement of your online internet marketing goals. In fact, we talk about article marketing as part of your internet marketing strategy.

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Article marketing as part of your marketing strategy? ZipZoo is the affordable product portal of the Netherlands. Article marketing allows you to get in touch and stay with your audience.

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Content marketing to achieve your business objectives? ZipZoo can as article portal make an important contribution. Using content marketing you want to strengthen the bond with your audience.

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The ZipZoo article marketing offers a user-Marketing tool. Practice shows that new users can quickly work with. The ZipZoo Marketing tool allows you to publish articles on over 300 websites.