Article Marketing

Article Marketing

Article marketing as part of your marketing strategy? ZipZoo is the affordable article portal of the Netherlands. Article marketing allows you to get in touch and stay with your audience. Through article marketing, you can deploy, products, services, events or other matters to the attention of your audience. Article marketing is the intention that you insert unique articles on as many domains as possible. Each domain has several categories which puts the article in the category relevant to you. This seems to be a time consuming task which ZipZoo you using the standard packages can help in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK. Within the articles, text, images, videos and link referrals record.


To get your article appreciate by the search engines, like Google, it must be unique. Duplicate content is a term used by organizations such as Google. The term is a reference to the re-use of texts. This is according to Google you already used in other articles on other product domains. In order to make a text unique you should certainly adjust 60%. This can happen if laborious, but it makes for a better result in terms of visibility. The article marketing tool ZipZoo monitors whether the text was used previously. For many organizations, it is too burdensome to continuously produce other texts. ZipZoo offers the possibility to write text to outsource. Preferably you write a basic text of at least 400 words that can serve as a basis for other items.


Every article you write should be in a certain category of home. Placing an article in a general category is not directly in contact with your audience. When you write about wine and you can place it in the category of wine, then this article will also get additional value to the search engines. Your article is relevant to the target audience interested in wine. In addition, you can add a link from the article. This readers of your article may be sent directly to your website or shop. Indirectly contributes the article in this way to a higher ranking of your website in search engines.


Would you article domains arranged exclusive articles, this is possible via ZipZoo. These domains are decorated with your product or service in mind. For the implementation of this unique form of article marketing ZipZoo makes a custom quote. The number of domains that you want to use is leading. It should be considered whether old domain names are bought or that new ones are created.

Social media

The beauty of article marketing tool that ZipZoo you offer are the Social Media buttons. At the bottom of each article you produce, you have the opportunity to share your article. All you have to do is make sure you have an account with Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You decide in which social media sign the articles.One article will be more business than the other.

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