The ZipZoo article marketing offers a user-Marketing tool. Practice shows that new users can quickly work with. The ZipZoo Marketing tool allows you to publish articles on over 300 websites. In your article, it is possible to record images, videos and a link reference.

User Instruction Marketing tool

By following the steps in the Marketing tool, you can place an item within 2 minutes, online publishing, and then ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘tweet’: 
• Create a campaign on a site or keyword 
• Submit an article 
• Choose a category 
• Choose a site for your publication 
• Determine the keywords your target audience 
• Select a title with a keyword in front, for your article 
• Enter the URL of the page to which you should refer your article 
• Enter the keywords related to your article 
• Write your article 
• Place your photo URL 
• Place your video URL 
• Click Publish – and your article is published almost immediately

Domains Marketing tool

The supply of Dutch, German, Belgian and English domains for your publications is growing continuously.ZipZoo invest in the expansion to remain the leading portal article in the Benelux.
You can try the Marketing tool free of charge: Order